What We Do

What would you expect a little black sheep to do?  

Something naughty. Something different. Something truly remarkable that that cuts through all the clutter.

We are brand identity makers and shakers who love launching new brands or totally reimaging and reinvigorating existing brands.  We understand that there are so many touch points that create a brand and we pay painstaking attention to every single one.        We enjoy developing brand identities that are long lasting and relevant. 

We treat your brand as if it were our own. We care that your brand is special and unique – a little like the little black sheep.

Who We Are

Head Designer Jen Rosshandler has been designing for over 20 years. From a broadcast designer at Foxtel, a Senior Designer at both web and print agencies, to Art Directing at some of the countries top advertising firms.

Jen now leads the merry band of Little Black Sheep, a small team of designers, finished artists, painters and craftsmen dedicated to creating unique and beautiful communications across all mediums.